2 Dec 2006

First Impressions on Puerto Rico

Name: Puerto Rico
Genre: Board Game
Designer: Andreas Seyfarth
Category: City Building/Economics
Nº of Players: 3 to 5 Players
Cost: Average, good value for components
Age of Players: 13+
Learning Curve: Average
Setup Time: 5 to 10 minutes

It´s actually a very good game.

First of all it has a deep amount of strategy yet the number of actions each turn is limited. As you can see from the previous posts it was the most played game so far :)

The components are of good quality and the rules are simple enough to play out of the box, any doubts we had the rulebook answered them.

The goal of the game is to have the most Victory Points at the end. You get victory points by either delivering goods or buying buildings.

The game ends when there is no more colonists to ship to Puerto Rico or when one player completes all building spaces. At that time the Victory Points are counted to see who wins.

Altough the game is good with 3 players, i believe its even better with 4 or 5 due to an increased difficulty on players guess what their neighbours will do, as each action you take affects all players.

First Impression on Puerto Rico i will rate it 8/10 that will probably increase if your average playing group has more than 3 people.


Blogger FNunes said...

I haven't rated this game on BGG because of that. I really want to play this game with 5 people before giving my final score.

I do belive that the learning curve is high. Although the rules are somehow simple, and altered only by the buildings, it has a big amount of strategy.

I am reluctant to score the game has heavy because I haven't played a wargame before. But I can say that it is the heavier game we have available.

The setup time (5-10 minutes), for me is to long. It could be more if I didn't had the 55 counters for 3 players in a diferent plastic bag.

There are two things I like in this game. First, the multiple paths to victory. I don't belive that any of us followed the same strategy more than twice in all the games we've played. Second, the turn actions that are not exclusive to the player selectig it. This makes the game interesting, because the player selecting an action might not be the one with the most benefits.

I'm looking forward to finish a game with 4 or 5 players.

This is the number 1 game on BGG and for a reason.

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