22 Feb 2007

FNunes@encontro mensal de boardgamers de Lisboa

For the first time, the monthly encounter of boardgamers in Lisbon took place on a Saturday. It started at 10 AM and proceeded over the night as usual. This was my second presence, and since it began early, Davide Ferreira and my brother joined the event. It was a very good gaming day, I and really enjoyed it.

The first game I played was one that I wanted to play for a while: Power Grid. In this game, each played buys power plants and resources to try to supply power to different cities on the board. At first the players have a chance to purchase a power plant in auctions. After that, the players purchase the resources for their power plants, and finally, they buy “cities” on the board and connections to link them. I only played the game once, but I got the felling of playing a gamer's game. I loved playing the game, despite finishing last out of 5 players.

After a lunch break, I played a game of Ticket to Ride Europe with other three players that never played the game. Ticket to Ride Europe is a game that I enjoy very much, and one of the few I'm always in a mood to play. I've played the game so many times now, that I now exactly where all the cities are in the map, and I usually chose my tickets without looking at the board. In this game, my experience came to the top and I come out as the winner by a comfortable margin. I hope the other players enjoyed the game as much as I did.

The last game I played was Twilight Imperium 3rd edition with the expansion. This was my first epic game. We started playing the game as 16h and by 24h (with a 2 hour dinner break) the game was not finished. I confess that I lack the skill to describe this game with a few words, since the game is massive and there is always to much going on. I just hope I can play it again soon.

From the left: My brother, me and Diogo playing Twilight Imperium



Anonymous Ricardo Madeira said...


Glad you had yourself some fun, friend. :)

See you next week, or maybe Saturday!

12:32 am  

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