13 Dec 2006

The Podcasts

Name: Boardgames To Go
Hosts: Mark Johnson

This was the first podcast about boardgaming I've listen. I discover it in the first days of October, when searching for new podcasts to listen. Searching for "boardgames" on itunes, it was the first on the list.
I started to listen to episode 1 (from the website), when Mark was less comfortable in front of the micro, talking about games and sessions, and I was astonished, imagining how great it would be to play those games. In a way, Mark's podcast was the main force behind my current interest in boardgames.
My favourite episodes were the ones with is son and daughter.

Overall, I like the podcast. I think Mark has a good voice, and he's not annoying despite being the single host of the show (in some episodes he has a guest). The only think I dislike is the current length of the show. I believe that 20-30 minutes for a solo host is the ideal.
Although he does less episodes than he used to, it still a podcast I like to hear.

Mark has released a good intro episode for those who are new to these kind of boardgames. Here's the link.

ps: it took me more than a month to listen to all of the episodes.
ps2: it was from listening one episode of this podcast that I decided to buy bohnanza.

Name: Boardgame Babylon
Hosts: E.R. Burgess

I think I discovered Boardgame Babylon through Mark's podcast. Again, I started listening from episode 1, that had a unique feature; it was recorded while Erik was driving home from work. I found that fabulous, but unfortunately (or not) he started recording at home. The sound quality improved but it lost something that the podcast had on the first two episodes.

The style is similar to Mark, in deep reviews, session reports, guests in some shows. However, I think this show is more scripted than Boradgames To Go (at least when he's solo), which is a less polished podcast. I usually prefer a less scripted approach (perhaps because of my storytelling background), but nonetheless, Erik does a really good job, and I can't really decide which of the shows I like the most.

Name: The Dice Tower
Hosts: Tom Vasel (the man who puts the views in game reviews) and Sam Healey (the man who just love to play games)

By far the most professional looking podcast I've ever heard. These guys put an episode every week; unless in special episodes, they follow the same structure on all episodes; each regular episode feature at least 5 contributors of each with its own segment; each segment has an intro done by Mike Fitzgerald, just like the ending and starting of the show, all look very professional; and of course, a weekly top ten. After more than 2 month, I'm finally getting up to the lastest shows.

I've began to listen this podcast from episode 51, since the first 50 when of the air. My favourite episodes so far are the Origins 2006 review and episode zero that I advice everyone who is new to board games to listen.

Name: Have Games Will Travel
Hosts: Paul Tevis (freelance writer and game reviewer)

I decided to listen to this podcast after it been mentioned on the previous podcasts. Unlike the others, this podcast is also about RPGs. It's also the podcast with the best and more detailed in-depth reviews, and that's the main reason that I enjoy this podcast.

Although is a solo host of the show, is style is very distinct of the other shows I listen. I also enjoy Paul's voice and the accent when he says “last year”. Sorry Paul, I just couldn't write about your podcast without mentioning that.

PS: The main reason to why I bought Shadows Over Camelot was the detail description of the game in one of the podcast's episodes.

Name: Board Games With Scott
Hosts: Scott Nicholson

This is the only videopodcast on my list (and I believe it's also the only one about boardgames). On each episode Scott presents a game, explains it and briefly review it, to help us decide if it's a game we might want to purchase.

Scott does a really good job on each episode. Each game is explained in great detail. I didn't read the Ticket to Ride Europe manual before I played it with my brother because we both saw the episodes that he talked about the Ticket to Ride games.

Overall, I think Scott's objective is fulfilled. I greatly recommend this podcast to people that might be interested in a game and are new to boardgames. The video is always the best way to explain how a game is played.

Name: The Spiel
Hosts: Stephen Conway and David Coleson

This is my favourite podcast. It's last on the list because it's the last I discovered. But it's really nice.

What's unique about it? The segments. Games news and notes is a normal news segment. The List: these guys have a huge list of unplayed games, and in each episode they play at least two of them and review it. Backshelf Spotlight, where they bring two old games and explain why they are great. Truckloads of Goober : never seen anything like it on any other podcast. They select a game with tons of components or one with a very unique component. Game Sommelier : each week, ,one of them issues a challenge to the other, where they must select 5 games for a particular occasion or group of players. These last two, for me, are the heart of each show.

I'm hoping to find more podcasts. I know of a few more, but I haven't tried them. In another post, I will review one podcast that is discontinued, but it had a lot of quality.


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