23 Dec 2006

Report of 23rd December Session

This session was different from usual as we had the oportunity to try a new game: Lord of the Rings - A cooperative game where the 4 hobbits tried to destroy The One Ring.

After 2 games where we failed miserably, we decided that the task was beyond our strenght...
indeed the game can be very difficult as the right decision is not always evident.
Also luck is a big factor in the game.

Even so we were a bit closer to win the last of the 2 games as we didnt do any major mistakes. I believe the next few tries will still see us struggling against the mighty shadow of Mordor.

Then a friend of mine (Pedro) appeared and we played our easiest game - Bohnanza. That game was a bit slow for our standarts as we needed to explain the rules to the newcomer :)

Davide Bação took advantage of the game passivity to take huge stacks of crops and along with good trading with the other players won by a couple of points.

The second player was Filipe Nunes with a strange but working strategy of not buying a 3rd field, adapting easily to the increased number of players and less time for planting and reaping crops.

After that our guest went home, and we decided to play Shadows over Camelot. The 1st game was easy to win, even though there was a traitor among us, he made a couple of less than good actions that led to a correct accusation. Indeed a traitor among veteran players can have a really hard time.

The 2nd game was quite the opposite with the knights stumbling across several failed quests and a stalemate versus the shadow that was slowly eating our resources away. We won by 1 sword and only because there was no traitor. Very close call.


Blogger FNunes said...

I didn't belive that my strategy would work, but I'm glad I score 1 less point than the winner. BTW: Congratulations Bação, for your first win.

I didn't had a Shadows Over Camelot game so close to lose than our last one. If I wasn't so busy on quests that nobody was helping in the end, I would acuse my brother of being the traitor.

You forgot to mention that we played this game with the version where the number of loyal cards is equal to the number of players, so all of us belived there was a traitor. The first game was played with the normal rules.

2:17 pm  

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