13 Apr 2007

A game in a University

I remember someone writing that “someday, I hope to see students playing Puerto Rico in the universities instead of the traditional card games”. Well... it's not Puerto Rico, and the players have already graduated and we played it in after work, but the fact is that one day two friends and I played a game of Ticket to Ride Europe in a bar inside the university of Lisbon.

The game was played when António received his copy. He and his girlfriend could not resist and invited me (the one that delivered it) to a quick game. The outcome is not important. What really matters is that al three of us enjoyed it. Here are some pictures.

António and Isabel at the beginning of the game

Not many student were in the bar at that time (arround 6.30 pm)

The endgame with points still being counted



Anonymous Ricardo Madeira said...

Congratulations! I loved seeing these pics and hearing the story!

Keep educating the masses! :)

6:48 pm  
Blogger hmocc said...

Same here.

But I also bet that there may be a few other gamers at UL which are yet to reveal themselves.

6:27 pm  

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